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“.. fersure..”

I grew up in a small rice town in the deep north of North Vietnam where I practiced my patience for spotting and catching aphids professionally, thats originally where my steady hand comes from. 25 years later I ended up catching a flight to Japan where I had some experience in a semi-pro sumo wrestling career. But… the sudden upset of early onset diabetes threw my dreams straight to the curb. After getting back on my feet through a strict anorexia based diet I’m moving on with my life to bigger and better things. My involvement with the making of basketballs for the underprivileged kids of Harlem has proved to be an asset and sparked my long lost interest of “crayon art therapy”.  I Spent a year working on puppets in Suffolk, NY but became more enthusiastic about buying and selling Roombas at the Codding Town Mall in the small town of Santa Rosa, CA. Started Tattooing for First Class passengers on Lufthansa Flights in early 2013 as a side job to my primary waitering job at Applebee’s. Which takes me to now… Currently finding my inner child as a result of watching Harry Potter every night for the past few years, I do however have a full-time job as owner of Monkey Wrench Tattoo so if you would like a tattoo please don’t hesitate to ask!  I hope you enjoy my art as much as you did my story!


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