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Favorite Quote-

“.. wooow..”

Aaron was born in a far away land called Frolf, which is a super small town on the out skirts of Winnchestertonfeildville, Iowa.  Being a little guy most of his life he grew very fond of frisbee throwing and playing dungeons and dragons with his imaginary opponents/friends. About a year after high school, he actually kicked the fantasy life and came up with this brilliant workout device you may know as The Shakeweight™ “not a joke”.  He came up with this after many lonely nights during his high school years but he was waiting on so many patents to clear before he could actually launch his ingenious idea.  It started out as a way to workout for frisbee throwing but was later deemed a gimmick in court but this worldwide gem was created.  After a major upset by the Japanese knockoff he was left dead broke because of lawyer fees any other spending habits(prostitutes). 5 years of prison later… catches us up to the happier side of his life, where he actually got a job as a major porn star you may know as Marco Benderas.  The best part is that he was actually injured on the job and was able to rack up a huge lawsuit and ended up with all this free time to do whatever he wanted for the rest of his life, literally!  So now he has looked to the artistic ventures of tattooing.  Having some artistic background he was a real natural and picked it up pretty quick and is now be coming a legend!  Be sure to come say hey to this guy at the shop but don’t bring up “Marco!” he gets really shy.. weirdly enough.  But if your into that stuff type in “papasfritas” on his site( for 2 FREE bonus hours of the great Marco Benderas! Catch you at the shop later to meet the new member of our team in the flesh!


P.S. he does do autographs on his DVD’s on Fridays still!


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