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“.. Yee..”

Roman is a locally grown Cali kid but… as many people may not know he is also a super famous Russian mobster’s 1st born son and true aeir!! Wild right!! Roman was a thrill seeker as a young child, always battling creatures of the night with his fighting skills, doing flips on or off of ANYTHING, or even devising evil plans for villainy. His father first caught a glimpse of his skill when we was attacked by a wild mountain lion that had come down the hill from their estate, he was fast, agile, and was never touched by that cat and actually trained it to do circus tricks.. little did they both know that Roman grew up to be the man they call today, the “Jumping Dragon” a living legend on the streets of Kamakura. It all started when he was sent off to the summer camp called Chow-fun-time in Kamakura which is a small beach town an hour south of Tokyo. This small prestigous camp was run by an retired Japanese agent who worked for Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA-Gainmusho).  Through rigorous training and endless skill building he was at the top of his class and claimed killer of the year! Life was looking good for Roman for a while.. but he found himself feeling lonely and tired of the same old thing day after day. So he escaped the camp and started his happy life.  He jumped(literally-“Jumping Dragon”) onto a plane and proceeded back to his home town of Santa Rosa.  He had many endless jobs after his arrival and seeked out art as a way to cope to his civilian life. In fact, he opened his very own strawberry nursery here in Santa Rosa and is an award winning strawberry farmer.  Only through farming strawberries did he realize that the stains on his shirt from the juices of strawberry would mold his mind to begin his journey of apparel, graphic design, and tattooing.  Roman is a man of little words or lots.. it all depends on how you know him! As you know, he resides at Monkey Wrench Tattoo where he is currently making all the magic happen!  Through his classic American designs, he is making the future a bright one, but still has some aggression he has to work out so he takes it out on his clients through a process called “Brutal Black” theres a video on VICE if you haven’t seen it. He goes to those events every 3 months or so.. illegal in the U.S. A. so he leaves the country. But he takes appointments on the daily, so book your next great piece and learn a thing or two about what Roman thinks about the real “Jumping Dragon”!!


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