About Monet

Favorite Quote-

“.. I killed three birds with one stone..”

Monet grew up in a small town outside of Climax, Georgia where she spent her first years as a business woman developing many mind altering strategies for hobos in the local area. After 3 hard years developing those frisbees she knew it was time to move on.  A wicked long battle with LSD she turned her life around and started the non-profit house cleaning business for the super elite so she could climb her way to the top. She also is very enthusiastic about promoting dog parks in her local area. Prior to her current job she was actually a stripper at the local watering hole Rainbow Cattle Company in Guerneville, Ca.  Her hobbies include: tending to her Amazon jungle plants at home, walking her dogs, and shopping/selling sexy S&M clothing on etsy! She also is in the Big Boppers Sex Club(site unknown..) where she now makes most her money torturing the upper class business men and their wives.. ask for “MISS. VON D” password: pussytats.  Her “real” job is actually a professional pin stabber at the local “Best of Sonoma County” tattoo shop, Monkey Wrench. So if your into her style and dig her life long story come on down and she’ll make you bleed! Bring the wife too!


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